Jim Fergus


Dear Reader,

I’m delighted to welcome you to my new website. Having not updated my former site in 13 years, I thought it time for a complete overhaul, and also to include a French edition for my loyal readers in all francophone lands.

To launch this space, I would particularly like to call your attention to my new novel, entitled, THE MEMORY OF LOVE —  a very different book than ONE THOUSAND WHITE WOMEN, or THE WILD GIRL.  Set mostly in France during and after WW I, it tells the tale of a passionate love affair between a young American cowboy from Colorado, who enlists in the French Foreign Legion to fight against the Germans, and a young French painter named Chrysis Jungbluth. Based on actual historical figures, much of the story takes place in 1920s Paris — Les Années Folles , “The Crazy Years.” THE MEMORY OF LOVE  is a very personal novel to me, close to my heart, as revealed in the Foreword.

I hope you enjoy navigating this website, and that you find here books which engage your interest.

Thank you.


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  • The Memory of Love


    Spring 1916, North Park, Colorado: 17-year-old Bogart “Bogey” Lambert rides out from his family’s ranch on a dappled gray stallion named Crazy Horse, off to join the French Foreign Legion and fight against the Germans in The Great War… Read More >

  • One Thousand White Women

    One Thousand White Women: The Journals of May Dodd

    Based on an actual historical event but told through fictional diaries, this is the story of a remarkable woman who travels west in 1875 and marries the Chief of the Cheyenne Nation… Read More >

  • The Wild Girl

    The Wild Girl: The Notebooks of Ned Giles

    From the award-winning author of One Thousand White Women, a novel in the tradition of Little Big Man, tracing one man’s search for adventure and the wild Apache girl who invites him into her world… Read More >

  • Marie Blanche


    A sweeping family historical novel covering the entire 20th century, and three continents, MARIE-BLANCHE is based on the lives of Jim Fergus’s French mother and grandmother — a troubled and finally tragic relationship. Originally published in France in 2011 to critical acclaim and commercial success, MARIE-BLANCHE will appear in an American edition in the fall of 2014. Read More >

  • A Hunter's Road

    A Hunter’s Road

    There are estimated to be more than six million bird hunters in America, everyone of whom has dreamed of the kind of epic season of sport that Jim Fergus lives in A HUNTER’S ROAD — 17,000 miles in 5 months, pursuing 21 different game bird species across 24 states. But one need not be a bird hunter to enjoy this picaresque adventure; and far more important than the statistics are the hundreds of miles on foot that Fergus and his trusty yellow lab, Sweetzer, cover in the course of their longest season — Read More >

  • The Sporting Road

    The Sporting Road

    FROM RENOWNED OUTDOOR WRITER JIM FERGUS comes this collection which represents a kind of extended journey across the country, from Colorado to Florida and points beyond. From pheasant hunting at Nebraska’s Fort Robinson, to bone fishing on the flats of Grand Exuma, Bahamas, these 32 essays arranged by season, chronicle Fergus’s most memorable travels hunting and fishing over a period of six years. A book about the natural world and man’s place in it… Read More >