Jim Fergus

For Book Clubs

Reading groups and book clubs across the country have been exceptionally generous in choosing my novels to read, especially in the case of ONE THOUSAND WHITE WOMEN. I would like now to bring your attention to my new novel, THE MEMORY OF LOVE, which has just come out on Amazon.com in both print and kindle editions, and is also available through your local independent booksellers, as well as Barnes & Nobel. Published with the title CHRYSIS to great critical acclaim last May in France, THE MEMORY OF LOVE is a very different kind of book than my previous novels. Nevertheless, I am convinced that it will make a terrific selection for your reading group, and is certain to lead to a lively discussion.

Set in 1920s Paris (les années folles—the crazy years), THE MEMORY OF LOVE is based on an actual historical character—a precocious, passionate young woman painter named Chrysis Jungbluth. By day, a serious student in the atelier of a famous classicist professor of art, by night Chrysis loses herself to the sensual pleasures of the emancipated night life in Montparnasse. There, she meets a young American cowboy named Bogey Lambert, who had been gravely wounded fighting for the French Foreign Legion during the Great War. During that wild and liberated decade, the two will live the love of a lifetime.

I would be delighted to do a phone or Skype chat with any book club that chooses The Memory of Love as a selection. I can be contacted directly via the email link at the bottom of each page of this website.

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